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Welcome to the ZICTA Equipment Registration System (ZERS) web portal.The main object of the portal is to enhance ZICTA's capacity to efficiently deliver on its ICT standardization mandate,particularly the implementation of the new Type Approval regime introduced in 2011 via Statutory Instrument(SI) No. 6 of 2011.

Furthermore,Statutory Instrument No. 65 of 2011 requires that all persons dealing in Electronic Communication Equipment (ECE) should register with ZICTA.Accordingly, such authorized persons or dealers must comply with section 66 of the ICT Act No. 15 of 2009 and ensure that the ECE they are selling are Type Approved by ZICTA.

The web portal is designed to provide the following main services:-

  • 1.Dealer Certification
  • 2.Type Approval:Equipment Certification
  • 3.Equipment Registration

  • Other services include approved equipment verification and checking dealership status. Through this portal , the dealers, manufacturers and importers of ICT equipment into Zambia would know the applicable technical standards by checking up-to-date Type Approval specifications . Furthermore,the importers would be able to apply online for the importation of banned equipment as prescribed by SI. No. 65 of 2011.

    The portal also provides a powerful SEARCH feature that would enable users to search for dealers,standards and applicable frequencies and attendant EMC rules. Last but not the least,the portal would also provide regulatory news through News Bulletins especially on the joint standardization work by ZICTA and Zambia Bureau of Standards(ZABS)

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